Labor & Employment

We are considered the leading law firm in Guatemala for Labor & Employment matters, under the leadership and expertise of senior partner and founder Guillermo López Cordero, whom has over 40 years of experience in the field.Our advice in this field is, exclusively, employer and private sector oriented, so all of our services are rendered from the perspective of businesses and corporations.

Amongst our clients we include a number of foreign and domestic companies in all branches of the economic activity, including industry, commerce, financial and service sector, to which we serve as outside legal counsel in all of their labor issues, both contentious and non-contentious.

Another relevant qualification of the firm is that it serves as a member of the panel of experts advising one of the major entrepreneurial organizations of the country, in respect of labor issues.

Amongst our services in this area, the following should be mentioned:

  • General legal advice concerning all aspects of labor & employment issues in Guatemala, as well as Social Security aspects.
  • Defense of employer within individual conflicts with employees, both before Administrative Authorities and the Labor Courts.
  • Advice, bargaining and legal representation within collective bargaining proceedings and agreements
  • Defense of employer within collective labor conflicts with Unions and / or delegates from Labor sector, directly in the workplace or once they are before the courts.
  • Legal advice in cases of work place accidents and/or relating to civil liability for work related incidents
  • Preparation and design of all required documentation under local labor laws, such as individual working contracts, work regulations, book of salaries, etc.
  • Labor & Employment audits and/or due diligence procedures, required within purchases or acquisitions, or for internal reasons
  • Special cases of employment relationships, as well as termination thereof.
  • Hiring of foreign personnel, including all relevant legal aspects, including labor related, immigration and fiscal.
  • Obtainment of recordal number before Social Security authorities, as well as closure proceedings.
  • Defense of employer in all claims made by Social Security regarding payment of social security contributions.
  • Advice and consultancy services regarding the implementation of remuneration schemes, as well as change thereof, taking into account all labor, social security and taxation aspects.
  • Special advice required in those cases subject to International Labor regulations, either under the International Labor Law system (International Labor Organization) or subject to the special labor chapters and/or regulations included in Free Trade Agreements entered by Guatemala.

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